Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Up the Mayan Sun Temple

This site is in Belize, where I travelled for the wedding of a very dear friend who is a native. I spent a day alone with a guide exploring Mayan ruins. And took a few videos, of which this is one.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

FM Stories Featured at NYTimes web site

Here's a New York Times forum that features audio clips (about 2 minutes each) explaining and describing what it is like to live with FM. 

Click here.

Frankly, for me, listening to others' stories saddens me.  One says she'd rather feel the pain of being beaten with a bat.  I know what she means!  No energy to do simple things. 

Money In and Out of Health Care Law

Great visual chart from the New York Times on the Health Care Law (I love writing Law instead of bill or reform).  The graph shows money in and money out.   Cost containment, for me, is still a concern.  If only more Dems win so we can get a public option.

You can see chart here.

Based on CBO (Congressional Budget Office) and shows effect on budget and deficit.