Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ira Glass - How to Be a Storyteller

Ira Glass discusses the building blocks of story telling for television and radio.

He stresses the power of the anecdote, the sequence of events, with thoughts and ideas as part of it but the essence of this leading to that.   And how to create suspense and hear and feel through the form that something is going to happen.

Reminds me of old time radio which WAMU 88.5 used to play on Sunday nights.  I do enjoy his show.

Here is part 1:

He discusses how to find a good story here (this predates the retraction and fiasco of Mike Daisy and the Apple China factory)

On good taste, and how to develop good material

On two central pitfalls, how to talk like yourself, be yourself and also how be interested in others and in the world