Monday, December 01, 2008

Has the Great Triangulator Been Triangulated?

Today, Chuck Todd, perceptively and wittily, asserted that he has. (It really is too bad his knowledge and insight was passed over for MTP).

Obama made Bill submit to 9 - count 'em 9 - conditions. This news was released on Saturday (perhaps to avoid overclouding the official announcement today).

The disclosure of contributors is among nine conditions that Mr. Clinton signed off on during discussions with representatives of Mr. Obama; all go beyond the requirements of law.

  1. disclose the more than 200,000 donors to his foundation publicly (not just to Obama's vetting team)/ So far, his foundation has raised over $500 million.
  2. incorporate his Clinton Global Initiative separately from his foundation
  3. hold only the Global Initiative's annual meetings in the USA
  4. no longer accept donations from foreign government (in the past these have included Kuwait, Qatar,
  5. submit personal speeches for review by ethics official of State Department (hmm, who report to his wife?) and, if necessary, the White House counsel's office (that would be Greg Craig). Clinton made over 10 million dollars last year giving speeches. He and she are married and share that wealth.
  6. business activities for review same as his speeches
  7. Clinton will not solicit sponsorships for the Initiative.
  8. 4 initiatives under the foundation will be allowed to continue as currently set up, with funding from governments of Britain, France, Norway and Sweden which address AIDS, climate change, development and sustainable growth.
I can't discern the 9th concession. I doubt it will be sufficient to keep him out of trouble.

And before any one sends him to India and Pakistan on a diplomatic mission, let's remember it was Richard Holbrooke who was the wizard negotiator of the Dayton accords.

Oh and true to his self-aggrandizing form, on the conclusion of Obama's press conference today, Bill Clinton release a statement - as if any one still cares what he thinks. It was relayed with rolled eyes.

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