Thursday, July 02, 2009

Palin Hits 30 (Public) Lies

Andrew Sullivan has been tracking the lies of Sarah Palin and he's now up to thirty. He is quiet opinionated and pithy and sharp, which I appreciate even when I disagree with him (which isn't often).

Here he is on the 30th lie, the about the band-aid
The point is not that this is a grave sin. It isn't. Most of her lies aren't (with a few exceptions). They are just a function of someone who makes stories up all the time, who says things that may momentarily impress but that are inconsistent with past statements and with, you know, reality. That's why I'm such a skeptic about everything she does. And why I've come to believe that you need documentation to verify every strange story she tells.-- AS (like you didn't know)
Unfortunately, I know others like this so witnessing the unraveling of her lies has been instructive.

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