Thursday, February 25, 2010

Live Blogging the Health Summit

10:45 am
Good choice to pick Lamar Alexander to lead the repugnants. Gosh there is so much broken trust. And now they're issuing an ultimatum right from the start. Alexander is lying when he says there has never before been a huge bill pushed through reconciliation. Says "we don't do comprehensive well." What? Because Republicans label anything big as a scary government takeover and/or expansion. Has to be comprehensive - can't eliminate "pre-existing conditions" and not have mandate. Obama says he'll address some of Alexander's points regarding process. Good. Many need to be addressed!

10:50 am
Here is NPR's "Health Care is No Stranger to Reconciliation"

10:55 am
Wah, wah, wah. The conventional wisdom that politicians need to cite specific examples grows tiresome. Reid is telling a story I already heard. I think on NPR this morning. Who cares? Point is - stop wasting time telling these stories. We know it's a problem. Get to work. Stop telling these horror stories. We KNOW. It SUCKS. Now Reid is pleading that the discussion is based on facts. Yeah - good point! Now making point about process - noting accurately that reconciliation has been used, mostly used by Republicans. TRUE. It's as if there's "a different set of facts from the reality." Noting Dodd (Chair of HELP) committee and Baucus (Finance) incorporate hundreds of amendments from the Republicans, representing "significant imput" from Republicans. Now citing Harvard study about deaths and bankruptcies due to excessive health care costs, even those who have health insurance. Boy this is depressing.

11:05 am
Obama addressing Alexander. Many of the items you suggested are in the bill. Your characterization would not be mine, understandably. Suggests they "discuss the substance and we might surprise ourselves and that might help to dictate how we move forward." If not, then take it from there. Graciously spurning the ultimatum.

11:09 am
Alexander and Obama getting into it over what is factual. Whether premiums would go up or down, according to CBO. Gosh, my mom would have LOVED this debate! Obama now pointing out that buying insurance across state lines IS IN THE BILL.

I'm behind. Have help over to move somethings around the house given that I can't walk today. Coburn is now speaking for the Republicans. He's a personal friend of Obama. Suggesting that we are treating the symptoms and not the disease and that's bad medicine (he's a doctor). Says there needs to be more prevention. (There is a lot of prevention). Now citing Harvard and saying 20% is fraud. Obama making note. I bet he's got a team of fact checkers in the back. Colburn is taking about the need costs are driven to minimize risk and that needs to be addressed too. Ried points out the Colburn is filibustering. Funny!

11:45 am
Okay - I can't do this live blogging and deal with the movers/helpers, so I'll have to pick up later. MSNBC sucks btw. They've interrupted Hoyer to provide "analysis" and go to commercials. To be continued.....

1:10 pm
Obama is responding to Cantor. Shaming him for use of prop (stacks of paper - the bill). Obama also makes the point that if we only implemented Republican ideas - there'd be a bunch of papers too. Now, making argument for effective government. Food would be cheaper without meat inspectors and regulations. Drugs would be cheaper with out the FDA. This point was in response to Eric Cantor raising the fear that BUREAUCRATS would decide rates. I'd rather government do it than insurance executives.

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