Saturday, October 15, 2011

Erik Todd Dellums, My Man in WaPo!

I LOVE this man!  One of my best friends.  And I've been fortunate to know him for a long time.

I am so glad he is being recognized (even if I don't agree with his criticism of Obama).

Actor Erik Todd Dellums Stirs the Political Pot with Blog Posts About Obama  was in yesterday's Washington Post.

It concludes with this:

Dellums hopes he gets the chance to meet Obama at Sunday’s dedication of the King memorial. 
“I’m going to be the voice of God,” he said, using the theatrical term for an anonymous announcer. “I get to announce all the good folks, including the Queen of Soul,” he said (Aretha Franklin is scheduled to perform). “I’m excited to do it because I love Martin Luther King Jr. And the president is a brother!” 
What would be even better is if he were to get the acting role of his dreams: to play Obama in the biopic of the 44th president. 
“There are certain roles you just know you’re born to play,” Dellums said. 
“I have no desire to play the first black president,” he adds. “I want to play the greatest president that ever lived.”
Erik is an idealist and a purist, which is why I love him.  And fearless.   And we just love debating politics!

He is also a very kind and loving friend, and I am a lucky gal!

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