Sunday, November 20, 2011

HBO to Make Wolf Hall Mini-Series!

My mom LOVED Hilary Mantel.  She was one of her favorite authors and especially loved A Place of Greater Safety: A Novel about the French Revolution.

Well, now the news that HBO is going to be filming the Booker Prize-winning novel Wolf Hall: A Novel .  I was so excited I scream aloud!  Gee, I wish mom had lived to read that book and to enjoy what HBO will do with it.

I learned of this from the culture blog Alyssa at Think Progress, which is worth checking out on a regular basis.

Here is what Alyssa wrote:
It’s a marvelous novel of friendship, whether it’s Cromwell and Wolsey or Cromwell and Imperial diplomat Eustace Chapuys. I don’t really know how a miniseries will capture the Cabinet of Wonders-like effect of the novel, which is one of the most effective evocations of a historic worldview I’ve ever read. But I’m glad it’s not getting reduced to a movie, and that some serious writerly fire-power will be behind it. HBO’s movie team has been wildly on their game lately, so I can’t wait to see what they do with this.
Me neither!

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