Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Why Obama Must Beat Hillary

Another reason I am repelled by the prospect of Clinton's candidacy. She has three qualities in common with our current ruler (listen to John Dean discuss the difference between governing and ruling).

Hillary Clinton is
  1. excessively private (secretive)
  2. demanding of loyalty
  3. arrogant and self-righteous
To me, though a Democrat and therefore to me she's on the right side of the issues, these qualities of hers do not bode well for me or give me any comfort to ameliorate that the stagnation will end and her 'leadership' will get us out of the slump which has slipped even lower since Hughes wrote in 1990.

Two articles on Clinton: cover article in Newsweek (nothing new, but sets forth qualities above) and an article in the New Yorker (Obama's problems with the Clintons (psychodrama of the Baby Boom generation," "the effect of the polarizing Clinton years was a stronger conservative movement that eventually 'would take over the United States government.'). If you only read one, read the New Yorker.

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