Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Thorn Birds

I was watching Thornbirds over the weekend. Lifetime broadcasted the 1983 mini-series I suppose because of the release of Australia over the holiday weekend.

I loved the drama when it came out. I was 17, and my sisters and I came to know the romantic story by heart. I had practically memorized dialogue.

I started to watch on television, then I realized I owned the DVDs and didn't have to sit through the commercials. And there was the documentary I'd been made aware of by IMDB, done in 2003 with Rachel Ward (who still looks gorgeous), Bryan Brown and Richard Chamberlain (who admitted in a memoir the pain of hiding his homosexuality for decades).

Well, then after more internet clicking around I came across this terrific, rather scathing, review of the book in the British paper, The Guardian, by Germaine Greer, called Old Flames. Great thought provoking words, though!

"Old Flames" indeed. And that melody. I stayed until 1:30 last night watching part one. What a performance by Barbara Stanwyck. And I loved the plot.

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