Tuesday, December 18, 2007

David Brook's The Obama-Clinton Issue

David Brooks writes on Obama today:
  • There are reasons to think that, among Democrats, Obama is better prepared for this madness.
  • Obama is an inner-directed man in a profession filled with insecure outer-directed ones.
  • Like most of the rival campaigns, I’ve been poring over press clippings from Obama’s past, looking for inconsistencies and flip-flops. There are virtually none.
  • Obama also has powers of observation that may mitigate his own inexperience and the isolating pressures of the White House.
He also refers to the "outstanding New Yorker profile" on Obama by Larissa MacFarquhar. In case you missed it (it's long, like most New Yorker profiles, but worth a read and really reassuring), click here.

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