Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hillary to Promote Bush-isn Fear

On Tuesday, I wrote of how the Clinton campaign has co-opted Obama's message of change. The Washington Post notes this co-option as well and writes of the changes in the messages of Hillary. These alterations seem perpetual, which to me reinforces the negative narrative that their world is nimble and various. Last week it was "The Hillary I Know." Next week it'll be "Time to pick a president."

And they're going to exploit fear just like Bush. (In September, I wrote of Hillary's personality traits that resemble Bush here). Boy, they are not pretty when they are desperate.

Also from the Post -
But the Clintons regard any discussion of the Nineties to be good for them, evoking memories of a booming economy and a time when the United States enjoyed greater popularity around the world.
They must have confidence in the ability of the American people to forget.
  • Remember what they did to the employees of the Travel Office,
  • remember the funny fund raising from China, (this one has not completely disappeared - see blog entry from October 19th.
  • remember the selling of the Lincoln Bedroom,
  • remember the disappearing/reappearing billing records,
  • remember Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Kathleen Wiley,
  • remember how Bill was held to be in contempt of court and disbarred.
And they still believe they are just victims.

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