Sunday, December 16, 2007

Des Moines Register Endorses Wrong Candidate

Yep - they went for Clinton.

First they frame the criteria this way:
The choice, then, comes down to preparedness: Who is best prepared to confront the enormous challenges the nation faces — from ending the Iraq war to shoring up America’s middle class to confronting global climate change?

The job requires a president who not only understands the changes needed to move the country forward but also possesses the discipline and skill to navigate the reality of the resistant Washington power structure to get things done.
Well, if that's the criteria, then Biden is your man. Not Hillary who by comparison has half the experience and what judgments she has made have been deeply flawed. Even her answer in this week's Des Moines Register debate about what she learned from her health plan debacle was that she didn't have a communications strategy. That she didn't explain her plan properly not that she was WRONG to exclude the Congress. She alienated Bill Bradley and Daniel Moynihan.
Read here. Biden always the gentleman said that the Register was fair on Late Edition this morning. Last week Biden was on This Week - his best line was re the Bush Administration "They're like Nixon, but without the competence."

And actually, because Clinton is so divisive - she won't be able to get anything done to "confront the enormous challenges." And with her money raising she's a part and parcel of the "resistant Washington power structure."

Bad call. There must be a story behind this.

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