Thursday, August 07, 2008

JibJab Political Cartoon - Watch for Me!

The latest, and best, offering from JibJab (and it's not just the best because I'm in it).  The tune stays in your head for days.  Enjoy!

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I would argue that this was the beginning of showing how to mock Obama - arguably hard to do because of his race (just ask The New Yorker).   Since then, Jon Stewart is doing Obamaquest.  McCain doing celebrity and Moses ads.   So now, obviously, my feelings are mixed on this.

Another note - a friend (male) thought this would be problemmatic for Obama - "he looks like a fairy."   My perspective, as a woman - was that he was prince charming coming to save the world (me) on his unicorn, straight out of Sleeping Beauty's woods.   Not a problem.  I was struck at the completely different perceptions! 

Given how this has percolated my male friend may have been right. 

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