Monday, August 11, 2008

Obama's New Book

Obama’s new book – a secret until now.  
Read more and see the cover here.   

Will include 7 "key" speeches, including:
  1. The speech section includes his declaration of candidacy in Springfield, Ill. in February 2007;
  2. his victory remarks after the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 3 ("You know, they said this day would never come"); 
  3. his speech on race in America, "A More Perfect Union," in Philadelphia in March;
  4. his Father's Day speech in Chicago; 
  5. his "Renewing American Competitiveness" remarks in June; and 
  6. his address to the people of Berlin two weeks ago, "A World That Stands as One."
No word on the 7th - should be the New Hampshire speech; that's the one that was made into an internet hit by    

I remembered his other two books were part of a 3 book deal..  This is not the "3rd" book.   A children's book is (which I also remembered); reported again here:
Under a separate deal, the senator is to write two more books for Crown, including a children’s book with his wife, Michelle, and their two young daughters. Those books were part of a $1.9-million, three-book deal announced in December 2004.

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