Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mad Men Highlights

Last week Charlie Rose did an interview last week with John Slattery, Jon Hamm and the creator/writer Matthew Weiner.

I LOATHE Charlie Rose - long stories, from my time working at PBS. (Just as an example, you'll note his web site is not hosted at PBS.org though PBS provides his platform - he, his ego, insisted on his very own stand alone web site and address. Just one example). His executive producer is a saint!

The interview is about a 20 minutes and Charlie exhibits his ignorance of the series - calling Roger's character "at the top of his game." and the firm of Roger Sterling at the top of the ad agencies. Belies Charlies' slogan: "I believe there's a place in the spectrum of television for really good conversation, if its informed, spirited, soulful."

Anyway, cool to see Jon Hamm without his hair slicked back. You can watch online here.

On the day of the premier, I had a wonderful brunch with a bunch of friends at the East Bank Club in Chicago. Two of my friends were recently hooked, both staying up into the wee hours of the morning to watch the series on On Demand. Christine remarked, "Where did Jon Hamm come from?" To which her friend from college whom I'd just met, quickly riposted, "Heaven." It was a fun time!

Also, my other friend Sheryl got one of her insights posted on the go-to blog on Mad Men “Basket of Kisses” kept up by the Lipp sisters. You can read Sheryl’s email here (they misrepresent her name as “Sherry”), an entry entitled “Death of Decorum”

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Deborah said...

Thanks for the link. We fixed Sheryl's name.