Sunday, November 11, 2007

Barak Obama on Meet the Press

Okay - he did well. Nothing hit wow out of the park. Not like his speech last night. But he parried ripostes well.

Let me add that while I don't agree that Tim Russert is to blame for Hillary's lame showing in Philadelphia last Tuesday (as the Hillary campaign leaked to the Drudge Report), I have very little respect for Tim Russert. He seems more impressed with his own questions and doesn't listen very well to the answers. His mind seems to be on the next question. I constantly yell at the telly, what about that, ask about that! (yes, I'm usually alone).

His stupidest question was whether or not being gay is a choice or not:
"Do you believe that it is something that you are born gay and that—or that you can change your behavior?"

Obama answered he did not believe it was a choice. But the better answer is that homosexuality's genesis is not a matter of belief. It's a matter of science. And science is increasingly showing us that homosexuality is not a choice.

To watch the interview or read the transcript, click here.

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