Saturday, November 24, 2007

Posters to Slam GOP

Arianna Huffington announced an effort to 'visually blog' on the modern GOP and all that it now stands for after 7 years of King George. The graphics are visually aggressive and effective. I'm not so sure about the words. There are three versions: people, slogans, events.

On the people poster, John Yoo is missing. But both Karl Rove and Dick Cheney are in a larger font than George Bush, which is funny. Mike Brown should probably simply be Brownie.

On the slogans poster - they are primarily related to the war. No Child Left Behind is missing. The effect of all the war slogans is shocking.

On the events poster - again dominated by the war. Non-war events include climate change, Katrina and intelligent design. That's it. Signing statements, wiretapping, mine disasters are missing.

Designed by Rich Silverstein, the ad guy who came up with "Got Milk?" the posters are an interesting idea. To check it out for yourself and 0ffer your own comments, check it out here.

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