Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Difficulties of Chronic Pain

The last three weeks Jane Brody of the New York Times did a series of columns on chronic pain.

Living With Pain That Just Won't Go Away
(November 6th, 2007) yes, she mentioned my condition and also delineates the problems chronic pain cause beyond the physical difficulties including the adverse affect on social connect, economic burden and misunderstanding. Most apt statement: "No one in his right mind -- and most patients were in their right minds before the pain began -- would trade a fulfilling life for the misery of chronic pain."

Chronic Pain: A Burden Often Shared (November 13th 2007). Really address to those who have a family member in pain and how to cope. The suggestions struck me as helpful and relevant, if only I had a family who could take steps one and two. Most apt statement: "Whether you are the patient’s primary or intermittent caregiver, it is important not to contribute to feelings of helplessness."

Many Treatments Can Ease Chronic Pain
(November 20th, 2007). She doesn't talk about yoga, but does mention meditation. And she didn't mention what for me was the most difficult side effect of painkiller drugs - dizziness. And she mentioned the fentanyl patches but neglects to note that since July 2005 the FDA has been investigating the patch as a cause of death, a report I saw on CNN just tonight.

On a related note, Dr. McCall has a two-part piece on chronic pain on the Yoga Journal web site.

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