Friday, November 30, 2007

Take an Online Poll to See Who You Should Support

On The Chris Matthews show tonight, Matthews accused Craig Crawford (of Congressional Quarterly) having a preference for Hillary. I've noticed that too. He seemed oblivious to the Oprah effect and, as if he were on another planet, kept insisting he couldn't see that her involvement would help Obama.

In defending that accusation he mentioned he took an online poll and it told him his views were mostly aligned with Ron Paul.

It took me a bit of doing to find the site, but it's pretty cool. It asks your views about a bunch of issues and then spits out which candidate's views match up the closest to my own. Obama 89% My second choice candidate is Biden and I matched him by 82%. Okay and Hillary I got 83% but I don't trust her so that doesn't matter.

Try it yourself here - Select Smart

UPDATE: A better site that does the same thing - More sophisticated; better graphics, more nuanced. Very cool. Thanks Ari!

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