Friday, November 23, 2007

Ted Sorensen Supports Obama

On the 44th anniversary of the Kennedy assignation yesterday, C-SPAN rebroadcast a program from October 17 which was held at the Kennedy School for Government at Harvard. Ted Sorensen talked of the Cuban Missile crises, which occurred 45 years ago.

The discussion was very good, mostly because the questions from the audience were well informed (well, with the exception of one - a baby boomer who bemoaned the lack of social convulsion that "Kennedy inspired" in the 60s and 70s).

Noting the talk of experience in the current presidential campaign, one asked what of Kennedy's background and experience aided him in foreign policy. Sorensen said Kennedy was a
  • A man of peace – religious upbringing and the fact that he lost friends and his brother in the war.
  • A man who lived abroad, when his father was the British Ambassador
  • A man who believed in communication.
Then he noted that only one candidate currently running fit that bill - and he made the connections directly on each point - and that was Barack Obama.

He also shared that he yelled at a Secret Service agent who was protecting Obama (can you imagine???) after the campaign drove through high winds and rains (later deemed a tornado) at a high speed.

You can watch the program yourself here. Also Sorensen has a book coming out next May in 2008.

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