Friday, October 19, 2007

Clinton Campaign Again - Funny Fundraising

Okay - yet another reason to be wary of a Hillary candidacy. It's not just the facts revealed in the LA Times today but the fact that these facts fit a pattern. A bad pattern that makes Hillary vulnerable. See "An Unlikely Treasure-Trove of Donors for Clinton: The candidate's unparalleled fundraising success relies largely on the least-affluent residents of New York's Chinatown -- some of whom can't be tracked down."

That would be a third of the 150. Not tracked down at all. Clinton campaign says "these things happen," and if there's impropriety they'll give it back.

That might swing if this were the first and only whiff of improper fundraising but remember the revolving door on the Lincoln Bedroom? Remember the Chinese nationals who were caught giving to Bill Clinton's 1996 campaign? This is a BAD flashback.

We don't need this! There are Democratic candidates that are cleaner and more invulnerable on this issue. Nnone of them are squeaky clean; yesterday's New York Times had a front pager on dirt around Edwards' campaign funds. Read here.

And this investigative piece was, guess what, picked up on cable news all day. The problem is not going to go away. Especially with the history.

UPDATE: Saturday October 20th. New York Times reports Clinton campaign returns $7,000 after questions raised. Fine, but not good enough. It's a recurring problem the Dems do NOT need in their candidate.

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