Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Dave Letterman and the WGA

Go Dave Letterman!~ He just let the WGA give a pitch for their cause. And it was a good one. Apparently Hillary was on, but I tuned in late.

AND AND - he let striking writers deliver the top ten list - the top 10 demands of the striking writers. Golly, they look like a motley crew. From Colbert Report (2), Daily Show (2), Law & Order, Law Order Criminal Intent, a soap opera, Late Night w/ Conan, and Nora Ephron. Yep. Nora Ephron. Check out the Top Ten Demands of the Striking Writers.

Wow, that was almost as cool as the Obama campaign. Letterman may be able to change the dynamic. After that, you can almost believe it. Only the Huffington Post has been covering the strike with any regularity. I have a friend who wrote the script for Autofocus (an ex-boyfriend, actually) and he wrote me that the strike would last until late spring or early summer. I hope not. I miss Mad Men. More importantly, the studios are wrong.

I LOVE Letterman and loved him even before he gave me my network debut in September 1985. Yes, I was on the Letterman Show, back when it was on NBC and I was working there for the summer. Long story. But fun.

Meanwhile, Huckabee is on the Tonight Show. He said he supported the striking writers and didn't realize perhaps that he'll have to cross the picket line (with signs that say Huck is a Scab) in order to be on the show.

See link, including the top ten list.
7 minutes to the 3rd!

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