Friday, January 18, 2008

Co-Founder of National Fibromyalgia Association Writes

Some of you may have noted that one of the letters printed yesterday by the New York Times was by Lynne Matallana, the president of the National Fibroymyalgia Association, who was quoted in the article (and pictured on the front page).

I cited one of the co-founders, Karen Lee Richards. And then last night she wrote me. (As I told her, I felt like a superstar has written and acknowledged a commoner). And she shared with me her post on Monday's article. She wrote well (and more succinctly than I) and revealed to me something I did not know:

"Not surprisingly, the two physicians he quotes who do not believe FM is a real illness are Dr. Frederick and Dr. George Ehrlich. Anytime the validity of FM is questioned, these two gentleman can be found in the forefront."

I encourage you to read the full post here.

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