Wednesday, January 30, 2008

How JFK Made Obama Presidency, Existence, Possible

You've got to read the latest piece from Newsweek's Jonathan Alter, called Why Caroline Backed Obama. He recounts the specifics that Obama alluded to on Monday when he said, "So it is partly because of their [the Kennedy's] generosity that my father came to this country, and because he did, I stand before you today – inspired by America’s past, filled with hope for America’s future, and determined to do my part in writing our next great chapter."

Alter explains:
One intriguing element of Obama's family history that resonated with Caroline was a long-buried story that was brought to her attention last summer. It drove home for her how history replays itself, how two generations of two families—separated by distance, culture and wealth—can intersect in strange and wonderful ways, and how people have no idea that their good deeds may come back to them someday.
Intriguing hardly describes what comes next. It is unbelievable. I got goosebumps this morning reading out loud to a friend what came next. Find out for yourself and click on the link above.

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