Sunday, January 13, 2008

Shame on Hillary for Not Discouraging NV Legal Suit

Yesterday the New York Times reported "Teachers Sue to Block Hotel Workers' Union Vote in Nevada Caucus," in pertinent part:
"The Nevada State Education Association has said it would not endorse any Democrat, but some of its top officials have endorsed Mrs. Clinton. The association’s deputy executive director, Debbie Cahill, for instance, was a founding member of Senator Clinton’s Nevada Women’s Leadership Council."
Clinton was asked about this matter this morning on Meet the Press, and she did not disavow the suit or say it was wrong. Shame on her.

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo wrote yesterday that this move seemed "beyond the pale" and "deserves attention."
"But the 'tell' is the fact that the teachers' union apparently didn't think this was a problem until Sen. Obama bagged the key union endorsement. When asked why the union had never approached the state party about this issue until Friday, union president Lynne Warne, tellingly replied, 'We're approaching them now.' If there's one thing that's core to the modern Democratic party is that voter suppression tactics are always wrong. Much of the US Attorney purge scandal was at root about Republican voter suppression tactics. I suspect this is doubly wrong -- both in the sense that the suit is meritless on its face but certainly also in the sense that you don't decide how easy to make it for people to vote depending on who you think they're likely to vote for."
ABC's Political Punch blog posted a late update at about 8 pm last night on the matter.

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