Saturday, January 05, 2008

Moyers Reveals Why Rhetorical (Words!) Skills Matter

This Bill Moyers' interview came recommended by my aunt and uncle. Kathleen Hall Jamieson offers perspective on the political skills of Obama and Huckabee. It's very interesting.

"But here's why both of those speeches were important. They were good speeches. They talked to the nation in the role of a candidate who is speaking as a president to a people. Giving people a chance to say how would you fit in that role. And we forget sometimes that speech making is a very important role in the presidency. There are times in the nation in which the president is the only one who can speak to us and for us. And whether it's the president we wanted elected or not, that person has to be able to play that role for all of us. Obama has that capacity, and I believe Huckabee does as well."
Check the video or transcript.

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