Thursday, May 08, 2008

Depressing Delusional Hillary World

For all the talk of Hillary changing tone, forget about it. She's constitutionally disabled. TPM noted that her spirit is curdled. Let me just go through the highlights:

First, she writes a misleading - no, let's just call it what it is - a lying open letter to Obama regarding FL and MI. The lead in from The Huffington Post (which includes the full text of her letter) states:

Clinton has just upped the ante by issuing what seems a hastily penned open letter to Obama, pretending that he is the sole obstacle to a fair resolution of the Michigan and Florida brouhaha and that she has always supported revotes (neither of which is accurate).

And her saying white, working-class Americans aren’t voting for Obama in a USA Today interview. David Kurtz at Talking Points Memo cited a reader comment and elaborated. It is shameful! But this woman has no shame. In another section, where the comments are cited, TPM founded posted the specific quote without comment, "because what can you say?"And I loathe her argument that she should stay because she’s a woman. That’s sexism.

“I am in this race, I am staying in this race, because I believe that I would be the best president and that I’m a stronger candidate against John McCain,” she said to applause. Smiling, she added “do you know how difficult it is for women to stand up and say we are the best at anything?”

“Too many people have fought too hard to see a woman continue in this race,” Clinton continued, seeking to allay the fears of those who believe the protracted race is hurting the party. “There is no cause for alarm. Sometimes you’ve got to calm people down a little bit.”

In the same report, two protesters (protesting her obliteration of Iran assertion) were escorted from the room of her fund raiser and the woman actually said, “That’s alright. I’m happy that people feel so intensely. And I hope they paid to come.” That's not a joke.

Keith Olbermann reported that Patti Solis Doyle and Howard Wolfson are both shopping books, though Wolfson later adamantly denied that.

And finally, for those who think her staying in the race is good for Democrats - motivating, involving, healthy. Here's a dose of reality. The continued Democratic presidential race is sucking up money, needed money, for important races in Congress. We have a chance to get 60 Senators - that's filibuster proof. She's hurting the party. Here's a must read letter from a congressional fund raiser who's working for a Democrat challenging a Republican. (hat tip Ben Smith)

My candidate speaks every day to donors who tell him directly that they're more focused on the Presidential right now, or that they're tapped out because they've given so much to the Presidential. Or simply, as you say, because they're just pissed off about the Presidential...I don't think we can continue to reach our fundraising targets unless this thing gets settled, and quickly. For her to wait until June is a nightmare that may well guarantee that not only my guy, but dozens and dozens of other challengers will come up badly short of their goals for the 2nd Quarter.
CNN reports on a report that Harvey Weinstein, a Hillary supporter, founder of Miramax, threatened Nancy Pelosi last month - no funds for congressional campaigns unless she supported the revotes in FL and MI. Nice financial blackmail from Hillary supporters.

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