Wednesday, May 07, 2008

"Gary People Took Care of Business"

From The Times, an Indiana newspaper:

Could Gary flip it?
With Hillary Clinton’s statewide lead under 40,000, the pending results from Lake County loom large.
While Clinton reportedly led voting in cities like Hammond, Whiting and East Chicago, Gary Mayor Rudy Clay is indicating a huge margin in favor of Obama in his city.
It’s very lopsided,” Clay said, pointing to a hand-written list of precinct results.
According to his numbers, in most districts Clinton’s turnout in the city of Gary was near non-existent. One precinct saw 126 voters turn out for Obama, while only four voted for Clinton.
Clay said the election is seeing a record turnout in the city.
“We’re used to having maybe a 22, 23 percent turnout for a primary. We’re seeing numbers as high as 85 to 95 percent,” Clay said. “The Gary people took care of business.”

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