Friday, May 09, 2008

Obama Breaks with Wright, plus Oprah

Newsweek reports on Obama's break with Reverend Wright in Obama's New Gospel. (Jon Stewart calls him Reverending Wright.)

Two pull outs: Tim Roemer's work for Obama in Indiana. Roemer is a former Congressman and member of the 9/11 Commission.
Roemer says voters usually want to know: does Obama believe this stuff? "They will ask, 'What is this guy's relationship to Obama?' " Roemer's ready answer is tailored specifically for his audience: "I say, 'Look, we can relate. We Catholics have had scandals in our own church recently, and not everyone who is Catholic is going out and abandoning the church. We know how unfair it is to associate all churchgoers with problems that are not their doing'." That's a pretty good comeback."
Yep, and one I use.

And here's the story of Obama's director of faith outreach:
One young Christian was so moved by Obama's gospel that he dropped everything and joined up with the Illinois senator. Joshua DuBois was a grad student at Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School when Obama delivered his convention speech. DuBois, who had become an associate pastor at a small evangelical church while still an undergrad at Boston University, says he was "enthralled" by Obama's references to faith. "I had been struggling with an internal conflict: what does God want me to do?" he says. He sent a letter to Obama asking for a job—and got a rejection form letter back. So DuBois drove to Washington, walked up to the front desk at Obama's Senate office and dropped off his résumé in person. Two months later he was hired and eventually became Obama's director of faith outreach.
Also in Newsweek recently, and revealing is Something Wasn't Wright: Why Oprah Winfrey Left Rev. Wright's Church.

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