Friday, May 16, 2008

Oh the Stupidity of (some?) Conservatives

Obama is going to respond today to Bush’s “appeasement” remark to the Israeli parliament yesterday. At 11 am EST, in a town hall meeting in OR.

If you want a laugh check out Chris Matthews publicly humiliate a conservative talk show host, Kevin James KLRA of Los Angeles, for his profound ignorance.

Matthews even throws in a dig Dana Perino (WH Press Secretary) for admitting that she didn’t know what the Cuban Missile crisis was - which she did on an NPR radio news quiz show called, Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me. I was listening that day too! It was last December 7th, 2007. If you want to listen for yourself, click here. It's the segment called "Not My Job." My jaw dropped in shock, actually.

Matthews basically exposes the basic lack of knowledge, facts, by the Republicans. That’s what happens when you disdain knowledge, “elites” I was screaming at the television, Czechoslovakia! Czechoslovakia! Czechoslovakia! I felt a little sorry for the guy, but he was just spewing lies.

The clip is 9 ½ minutes long, but move the cursor ahead to the fun part which starts at 4:13 with the question from what did Chamberlain do wrong? What did he do?

James says appeasement, “his actions”.
Matthews: so what did Chamberlain do in 1938? What did he do? Matthews get pissed! James: “You’re not going to fox me in, Chris?”
Matthews: “You don’t know what he did.” “You are bsing me”
Mark Green (the other guest): "Can I answer?"
“You don’t know what you’re talking about, Kevin.”

At about minute 6:40 Kevin admits he doesn’t know. Matthew explains that there’s a difference between talking to Hitler and giving him of half of Czechoslovakia in '38. Appeasement is giving away something to the enemy, not talking, Matthews explains. See what Vaclav Havel said 60 years after The Munich Agreement. (The 70th anniversary is coming up this September)

Matthews: “I’ve got to go to with some body who knows some history. This is pathetic!" Mark Green steps in: "Kevin, when you in a hole stop digging. It’s rhetoric not reality."

The humiliation ends at about minute 8:22. Then Kevin says, I kid you not, that 9/11 happened because Clinton didn’t do anything when we were attacked in the African embassies (which Clinton did respond to with bombings in Afghanistan, but never mind the facts) and the US Cole, which happened in October 2000, and it was George Bush who didn’t respond once the evidence came in.

Mark Green very properly suggests Kevin James read Richard Clarke's book, Against All Enemies. I was thinking the very same thing because in the first 50 pages Clarke dispels the myth that its the Democrats who have sat on their hands and he notes all the examples where Democrats did react strongly, militarily, while Republicans did nothing. He starts with Reagan and the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983 who did nothing but pull out and invade Grenada as a distraction.


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