Friday, May 02, 2008

Time Profiles Harold Ickes

Here's the opening to Clinton's Superdelegate Hunter from James Carney at Time.

Harold M. Ickes was midway through a typical profanity-laced cell-phone call on the inch-by-inch battle for the Democratic presidential nomination recently, when he peered over his glasses and demanded, "This call is off the record, O.K.?"

Would anyone want to pick a fight with Ickes, the famously ill-tempered bad boy of the Democratic Party who once bit a rival political operative on the leg? Who once got so mad at having to remove his shoes at an airport security line that he marched off to his plane, yelling "Keep them!" over his shoulder, and flew home in his socks? Who sometimes answers reporters' phone calls with a curt "I'm sorry, Mr. Ickes isn't here now," and then simply hangs up?

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