Monday, May 26, 2008

Hillary Epitaphs From Around the Internet

John Dickerson (Slate):
The race for the Democratic nomination—"race" is hardly the right word, is it?—now feels like a quantum physics problem: How long can a body exist in a state approximating motionlessness without actually stopping?
Marty Peretz (The New Republic):
This may not be the end of a career. But it is the end of Hillary's special place in American politics, and with her will go her husband, still hustling with even the hustle losing whatever tarnished luster has clung to it up to now.
James Wolcott (Vanity Fair)
I'm still for Hillary, though I recognize that the flag flapping above the fort is tattered and the time is drawing near for the bugler to sound the blue notes of valedictory.
Andrew Sullivan (Atlantic Monthly)
Clinton has no class and no grace and a narcissist's understanding of others' pain... I've been open to an Obama-Clinton ticket; but the more you see of the Clintons, the more you realize that getting rid of them - and the assumptions they represent - is part of what this entire campaign has come to be about.

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