Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mad About Mad Men - 2nd Season July 27th

My mom would have loved this show. My aunt, her sister, and my uncle and I enjoyed sharing bits and dialog. So many great scenes - the extended office party scene from the night of the 1960 election; the episode where Don got his boss drunk and then arranged for him to have to walk up 20 flights of stairs - all in revenge for the pass his boss made as his wife; the roof scene with Rachel; Betty shooting the birds in the backyard and manipulating her psychiatrist once she discovers he ratting on her to her husband.

The settings and clothes and language all create a completely foreign world. The misogyny and anti-antisemitism, the homophobia, the drinking - all seem shocking.

Mad Men won the Golden Globe for best drama and best actor for Jon Hamm, who plays the riveting, tortured, mysterious, dashing Don Draper. It's my favorite show and the second season starts on July 27th, Sunday nights at 10 pm, on AMC. Can't wait. I still have the first season on my dvr. AMC is even issuing a music cd.

Here are some clips.....

Mad Men on Nostalgia (from the excellent episode, The Wheel:

Mad Men on the Past:

Mad Men on Women:

Mad Men on Sex:

Mad Men on Love:

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