Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Word about the DNC Leaders Dean & Roosevelt

Today on ABC's This Week:

Dean emphasizes that the DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee did what FL and Michigan asked them to. And that the day was a remarkable day of compromise and coming together.

James Roosevelt, grandson of FDR, went further than what was generally said in the room yesterday that the Michigan primary was flawed. He said it wasn't legal. Period.

Dean notes that the governor of Michigan, who is a Clinton supporter, asked the DNC rules committee to do this.

There also seems to be a sense that both states will go from half votes to full votes at the convention (when it doesn't matter). Roosevelt was asked if doing so would undermine the Rules Committee's authority. Roosevelt answered it was up to the candidate to decide to do what was best for the party.

Also, a side note - McAuliffe said that the Michigan decision was unprincipled. I submit it was not. It was based on the principles Dean set forth. (See report from yesterday). It was based on the principles of respecting the wishes of the states.

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