Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Paul Newman Gives Fortune to Charity

My mom LOVED Paul Newman. Newman and Joanne Woodward married just weeks after my parents did.

News of his lung cancer and his donation of $120 million to charity, made me think of her.

Movie star Paul Newman has quietly turned over the entire value of his ownership in Newman’s Own — the company that makes salad dressing and cookies — to charity.

Completed over a two-year period in 2005 and 2006, the amount of his donations to Newman’s Own Foundation Inc. comes to an astounding $120 million.

Some specifics:

in Botswana, the Newman name is known not for being a movie star. It’s known for his famous Hole in the Wall Gang camps. The camps go to Africa every summer to run programs for impoverished and ill children. It’s the same program they run in dozens of similar camps all over the United States.

The Hole in the Wall camps are just a few of the places the hundreds of millions of dollars have gone that Newman has raised since he got the idea to bottle salad dressing for charity.

I still remember watching Exodus with her - great film based on a Leon Uris novel (one of Obama's favorite novelists). It wasn't until then that I understood his appeal. Before that, he was just a guy who was in The Sting.

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