Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Filabuster Proof Senate Is Within Reach?

Many understand that the reason the Iraq war has not ended is because the Senate is so closely decided and the minority party - the Republicans - have prevented items from coming to the floor for a vote with the power of the filibuster. In this unique political year, Democrats actually have a chance of gaining 9 seats - to the magic number of 60. And it won't happen with Hillary Clinton at the top of the ticket. This is what matters to getting this done in Washington. Fighting won't matter if the Senate has the power to block. Being able to persuade does. Even easier persuading members of your own party.

Cokie Roberts spoke idiocy on Sunday in the discussion on This Week. She took a skeptical tone and disparages Obama for thinking he could work with the like of Sen. Stevens. (He would be the Alaskan Senator responsible for the infamous "bridge to nowhere" and who is under investigation for bribery by the FBI, which raided his house). He is running against the popular Anchorage mayor and he may actually lose. And the Republicans don't have the money.

Clinton is willing to kill the party rather than step out or down. And she will kill it, her chances and her own, as well as our best chance of not only winning the presidency but also to get a filibuster proof majority in the Senate in order to make real change.

See this from Saturday’s New York Times…
Senate Democrats Hope for a Majority Not Seen in 30 Years: 60 Seats

“Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, in particular, has shown the capacity to ignite turnout among younger voters and blacks, and Democratic strategists believe he could have longer coattails than Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York in states like Minnesota and Oregon, where Democrats hope to gain seats held by Republicans.”

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