Tuesday, March 18, 2008

HBOs John Adams Series Stresses Power of the Letter

I saw the first episode on Sunday night (and still have to watch the second episode). I found the series interesting, but not riveting. And, in my view, it should be. Important legal arguments, war, complex characters. Yet the only thing that impressed me was the reality of the darkness before electric light. Imagine Seasonal Affective Disorder in New England before electric light. That's what I kept thinking of.

Well, but on the upside HBO is hooked up with the United States Postal Service to stress The Power of the Letter.

It's a good effort, with a recognition of how the John Adams' correspondence with his wife and political colleagues informed history. It's something I've been mindful of, as a history major. The other day I found a pack of letters saved from college. Letters from boys in my past, but more intriguing letters, long letters, from each of my sisters. Their personalities shine through and they were a delight to read twenty years later.

I wrote 15 letters yesterday. Write a letter today.

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