Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Three Wise Men

1. Bill Bradley
2. Tom Daschle
3. Gary Hart

All former Senators. All respected party elders. Here's why.

First - Bill Bradley.

Go Bill - no one has said this quite as bluntly. But one does wonder what all the secrecy is about. This is an issue related but distinct from the tax returns.

2. Tom Daschle -

A little know fact is that Daschle's top staff (being defeated in the same year that Obama was elected in) now work for Obama and they've been very helpful to Obama in their knowledge of the Senate and their staff contacts. Daschle really dislikes the Clintons - why? Because Clinton lied to him personally. No matter that it was a lie about sex. It was not a private matter because the woman worked for Clinton and at the point Clinton lied to the leading Democratic Senator Daschle is was a political matter. And Clinton insulting him and Daschle's credibility by lying to his face. Just an example of how and why the Clintons are not liked in this city.

3. Gary Hart - he was interviewed about this last night on Countdown, but there's no clip available. So here's the post about how Hillary crossed a line.

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