Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Politics and Branding and Why Obama's Works

This piece is fascinating and sent to me by my friend Libby.

It's about branding in political campaigns and how Obama has raised the bar.
What does that say about his campaign?
My feeling, in my own narrow sphere as a professional graphic designer, echoes a little bit what Frank Rich wrote in his column on Sunday, where he was talking about Hillary Clinton's argument that Obama doesn't have the experience to run the country properly, and how you only needed to look at how her own campaign has been managed to see the flaw in that argument. I sort of see the same thing. I'm not sure that the commander-in-chief proves his mettle by getting everyone at his rallies to set their signs in the same typeface, but as someone who knows how hard that is, I'm very impressed.
Check out the full piece, with a very interesting discussion on fonts, here.

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