Saturday, March 22, 2008

Olympic Fall Out From Chinese Clash w Tibet

March 10th was when the protests started and now the Olympics have been affected. The AP reports (via MSNBC) that there may be no live shots from Tiananmen Square.

The communist government’s resorting to heavy-handed measures runs the risk of undermining Beijing’s pledge to the International Olympic Committee that the games would promote greater openness in what a generation ago was still an isolated China. If still in place by the games, they could alienate the half-million foreigners expected at the games.

Like the Olympics, live broadcasts from Tiananmen Square were meant to showcase a friendly, confident China — one that had put behind it the deadly 1989 military assault on democracy demonstrators in the vast plaza that remains a defining image for many foreigners.

Not good. And this is beside the pollution and food pumped up with steroids and the arresting of dissenters.

And here is Time Magazine's cover article on the Dalai Lama called A Monk's Struggle.

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