Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hillary is Not THE Manager. Or A Manager?

This piece from yesterday's New York Times should give pause to any one who thinks Hillary would be a good president.

Two parts stood out. I don't think Hickes meant this statement to be a negative, but...

A senior adviser, Harold Ickes, joined the campaign full-time in January as Mrs. Clinton’s aides began to realize that the contest was not going the way they had planned. Mr. Ickes cautioned about drawing firm conclusions about her from this period, when she faced the demands of being a candidate.

“It’s hard to draw conclusions about her management style,” he said, “because she is, in fact, not the manager of her campaign.” (emphasis added)

Sort of brings to mind the hands off management style of Bush, doesn't it?

Second damaging aspect:
she described herself as stunned to learn the campaign was nearly broke — notwithstanding financial reports sent to her every week by e-mail — and was all but conceding the 11 contests that were to come over the next month.
Doesn't sound like someone who knows how to get things done or who is "experienced," does it?

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