Saturday, March 29, 2008

TPM Cafe Posts Perspective on Krugman & Obama

Jared Bernstein posts a little brief over at Talking Points Memo Cafe on Obama's economic speech and Paul Krugman's bias. He starts with:

Just about everything Paul Krugman says resonates deeply with me, so I was surprised by his less than positive take on Barack Obama’s recent speech wherein the candidate laid out his plans for dealing with both the mortgage meltdown and the ensuing financial mess. I thought the speech laid out some great policy ideas.

This isn’t a “Barack’s better than Hillary” argument. She too has lots of good stuff to say in this area. But I don’t think Paul gave Obama a fair shake.
and this:

Krugman praised Hillary’s endorsement of the type of plans being put forward by Congressman Barney Frank and Senator Chris Dodd. Under these plans, in exchange for a significant write down of the principal, the government provides lenders with insurance against default on the new mortgage.

But Obama endorses the same plan!
There's more good stuff. Check it out.

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