Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama's Patriotism

Obama was on ABC's Nightline last night and elucidated further.

He was asked if black patriotism and white patriotism was different and if so how and he used music as a metaphor. That perhaps white patriotism was like a John Philip Sousa while black patriotism was more like a jazz tune and some blue notes. You can watch here. And read more of Obama's interview with ABC news here.

He brought to mind another thing I read he said (I can't find where, having spent about 15 minutes trying). Speaking of the march in Selma to Montegomery march and Bloody Sunday, some one said to Obama that that event was a great moment in African-American history and Obama said no, it was a great moment in American history.

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Anonymous said...

Easy patriotism is saluting the flag, saying the right things.

Hard patriotism is doing the right things such as reformering an economy and a political system that is off the rails.

Obama has good ideas, except for the subject of foreign trade. He has followed the unions into the easy answer - that an improved trade agreement will fix our problem. Too easy and totally ineffective. The U.S. cannot rely upon the cooperation of another nation to fix what is really our problem - our desire to have goods on the cheap, regardless of where they come from. Solution is to handicap imports from those nations that are responsible for 60% of U.S. trade deficit in 2005 and 2006. These countries are China, Japan, Germany, Canada and Mexico.

But as Obama says, we must be as careful getting out as we were careless getting in. That applies to foreign trade in spades. To see a full exposition of this issue and the proposed solution, E-Mail me at