Monday, February 11, 2008

16 Underappreciated Obama Advantages

Mark Halperin over at Time magazine (he does the daily must-read The Page blog and also comments on CNN) has put together a list of Obama's 16 under-appreciated advantages.

Some of them are clear digs at Clinton (appreciated for Obama because they are lacking with Clinton). Such as (also see no. 8) -
7. No single, dominant strategic thinker who sets the campaign agenda, inspires eye-rolling and resentment among colleagues, and whose decisions are second-guessed.
Uhmmm - Mark Penn?

I saw this 'underappreciate advantage" in evidence today at the University of Maryland -
9. A candidate with an uncanny natural sense — rare in someone so new to national politics — of timing, pacing, rhythm, and tone.
And my favorite (mostly because it echoes and twists a Clintonian phrase
2. A strategic vision of how to win that hasn’t changed since day one – almost exactly a year ago.

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