Friday, February 01, 2008

Two Big Endorsements for Obama

Today, the LA Times and the Chicago Sun Times both have endorsed Obama.

The former is interesting because the LA Times got out of the business of endorsing Presidents back when the Chandler family still controlled the paper. (see David Haberstam's terrific book, The Powers That Be). On the 20th of January, the paper revealed that they would break their 35 year abstention when they endorsed Richard Nixon in 1972 and told the sordid story that caused their arrest. It concludes with this:
Clinton would be a valuable and competent executive, but Obama matches her in substance and adds something that the nation has been missing far too long -- a sense of aspiration.

The latter is interesting because its one of Obama's home papers and the one that has been riding him the most on his Resko connections. Yet they highlight Obama's judgement in the 1980s when he was quoted in their paper calling on then Mayor Harold Washington about asbestos in public housing, commends his ability to speak to religious people without alienating secularists, and what an Obama presidency could mean to the world.

Hillary got the Denver Post today which matters only because Denver is hosting the Democratic convention.

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