Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why I Canceled My New York Times Subscription

Four reasons -
1. hiring of Bill Kristol
2. sloppy editorial standards as evidenced by that January front page piece on my disease, Fibromyalgia (and reinforced by the McCain lobbyist/affair story, the PBS piece in the A&L section a week and a half ago).
3. the elimination of local television listings
4. the endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Well, and the disenchantment that began with Judy Miller. A friend's brother, who is a political cartoonist, did a drawing I keep on my refrigerator that depicted the upper left hand corner box with the Times' motto, with a modification: "All the news that's fit to print and stories by Judy Miller."

It was the last that broke the camel's back. Now Gabriel Sherman reports on that decision to endorse Hillary Clinton and apparently, yet again, the culprit is Judy Miller's champion, Pinch (Arthur Sulzberger Jr.). The more I read of him the more I sense he is a dufus. Sherman reveals a lot, but confirms what came through reading that endorsement. It was long and contorted and insecure.

And it was after reading that, that I decided, that's it.

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