Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Look at Wisconsin

Not to count chickens before...and all - I'm still nervous about all of this.

But I was curious how things looked in Wisconsin where the Clinton campaign feels she's competitive. And I found this analysis just posted at Bloomberg News.

A few points -
1. Obama has had offices for sometime in Madison and Milwaukee, unlike Clinton
2. NAFTA is an issue in Wisconsin
3. Edwards backers seem to be drifting to Obama
4. Governor Jim Doyle endorsed Obama

It's not all rosy. But Obama's team (according to that email attachment to a Bloomberg reporter on Super Tuesday) estimates a win by 7 percentage points.

Okay, I feel a bit better. Just a bit.

UPDATE: Literally 15 minutes after I posted this, Talking Points Memo posted survey results for Wisconsin. Looks okay for Obama.

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