Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Few Political Jokes

Politico's gossip column provided me with some laughs, political jokes from last night's Washington Press Club dinner at which MSNBC's Chris Matthews stepped in at the last minute for former White House Spokesperson Tony Snow, who reportedly had the flu.

Here are a my few favorites:

Sen. Mitch McConnell "recovered with this joke: 'We have a New York senator born in Illinois, and an Illinois senator who was apparently born in a manger.' That received a hearty 10-second laugh. Even McConnell quipped 'You liked that one, eh?'

Rep. Rahm Emmanuel, D-IL, who used to work in the Clinton White House and is now the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee quipped "Of the Clinton Days: 'Back then, stimulus and package had a whole different meaning.'”

Emmanuel is the 4th highest ranking Democrat in the House. Lately, he gained infamy for advising Democratic Congresspeople not to appear on The Colbert Report for Colbert's segment, Better Know a District

T the dinner last night, in self deprecation, Emmanuel "went on a campaign for 'Rahm for Vice President' complete with a video montage which included Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Ray LaHood and James Carville. It ended with: 'Rahm for vice president — Just a heartbeat away from having a heart.' A roar of laughter there followed."

Hope you enjoyed.

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