Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Clinton Campaign in Altered Reality

Apparently, this press avail was to allow super delegates guru Harold Ickes talk through the intracacies of how the Clinton campaign sees the railway tracks to bring home the station of the nomination.

But the anger of Phil Singer apparently derailed the effort. Dana Milbank of the Washington Post reports on the meeting and moments -
The brief moment explained everything about the bitter relations between Clinton's campaign and the media: Singer taunting the likes of Broder, who began covering presidential politics two decades before Singer was born, with a comedy sketch that showed debate moderators fawning over Obama.
And then this, which had me laughing aloud:
The Monitor's Dave Cook mused about the consequences of Clinton "battling after there's not much chance."

"For the love of God, we can't say there's not much chance here," Ickes maintained.

David Chalian of ABC News reminded Ickes that Obama's lead in delegates is now of the size Ickes had said would be "significant."

"As we all know in this city, I have a very short memory," Ickes answered.

Read it all here, including who exactly was in attendance (Dowd was there).

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