Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sum up on Money, Delegates, States and Popular Vote

MONEY = Okay – beside the amounts Obama is raising – and it’s just astonishing that after raising 3x as much money as Hillary the Clintons in January – that since Obama has raised 4,253,799 – in less than 24 hours (the polls closed at 12:30 am in Alaska)! Note that in the graphic below the Obama campaign is lumping Bill in with Hillary. And much of Hillary’s staff is working without pay, including her campaign manager.

DELEGATES = Obama won the delegates (by four – and really they’re still figuring it out, but the parts of the country that are up in the air are in states where Obama won). To find out more about the very varying reports from various news sources on the delegate count, you can check out this (as of 6 pm tonight).

STATES = number of states 13-9 (New Mexico is still being counted, difference in the 100s).

POPULAR VOTE = popular vote was – I’m not kidding a difference of about 50,000. Approximately15,000,000 people voted. Clinton = 7,347,971 Obama = 7,294,851 (that would be less that 4/10TH of 1%). That’s as unbelievable as Obama raising over 4 million online in less than a day.

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